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Mother and daughter team, Angela Rae Smith and Marina Jarrett, started Eat West Country in 2013 to meet the demand of clients catering needs.  After getting married and having a child Angela realised how busy life now was and how little time there was to really think about nourishing food to feed her family.  That all important question arouse around 4pm each day of what would she cook for supper that was easy and quick.  Angela and Marina developed this range of tasty, nutritious oven ready meals as they longed to have a product, untouched by modern day manufacturing processes that they could trust knowing the source of their meat and trying to support British growers where possible.  They are continually refining their recipes and are pleased to offer these products to you too.

Something for supper is a product cooked in their Eat West Country Kitchen on Godminster Farm near Bruton and has its own identity.  

These delicious meals are lovingly crafted using slow cooked handmade stock, with no added sugar, no harmful heat -treated oils and only whole grain, if any grain at all and gluten free.  Our meat is free range and grass fed and our packaging as ecological as possible. The dishes are slowly cooked to enhance its full rounded flavour.