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Real cooks. Real food. Right now.

Food to nourish your body & mind

Simple and satisfying, our oven-ready dishes are made with local and seasonal ingredients whenever we can, and always from scratch and with love. Perfect when you haven’t got the time, but you’re not prepared to compromise on quality.

We’ve been busy in our

Somerset kitchen tasting

and testing recipes

using happy,

wholesome local


If you would like to try

our range of

freshly frozen dishes

please shop with us.

Why its good to try Something for supper!


There has been a subtle shift in the way people view their food choices. Many people now want to understand what goes into their food and how it is made and packaged.

Something for Supper has been created to meet this demand. Our food will appeal to the discerning and ethical, eco conscious foodie who is not prepared to compromise on quality.

Our food is tasty and nutrient dense, free from harmful fats, sugars and grains. It contains no additives – at least none knowingly added.

All our dishes are cooked by hand and from scratch and contain honest, recognisable ingredients. We’ve hunted down the best seasonal and local ingredients and spiced them up with the best the world has to offer. It’s what oven-ready meals should be.


Real cooks. Real food. Right now.